Isopod Breeding Kit - All-In-One Starter Set
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Isopod Breeding Kit - All-In-One Starter Set

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Upon receiving this kit, there is very little that you will need to do besides mix the substrate with a small amount of water to be ready to house isopods and start breeding them! The isopod mix may arrive dry. Make sure to hydrate in-bag or in a large bowl so it is damp to the touch before adding it to the isopod container. Once you have prepared the EZ Botanicals Isopod Substrate, simply add it to the 6qt container and top with the virgin cork bark and leaf litter. Then feed a small amount of EZ Botanicals Isopod Chow, vegetables, or orange peel. EZ Botanicals also recommends adding cork, clean virgin cardboard, and/or leaf litter to the top of your culture.

✔️ 6qt container
✔️ 1 Quart EZ Botanicals Isopod Substrate
✔️ Small Virgin Cork Bark piece
✔️ 4oz EZ Botanicals Isopod Chow